Herbal Hair Color

Chemical hair dyes coat the hair. This blocks conditioner from penetrating the follicles, so hair becomes dry and brittle. In contrast, Suzanne’s ammonia-free dyes and coloring technique fully penetrate and nourish the hair without harsh chemicals. They also cover greys in just one treatment, and last longer than their chemical counterparts. Full $ Highlights $

Aromatherapy Conditioning Treatment

Suzanne’s in-depth knowledge of healthy products and ingredients, coupled with her keen intuition for what her clients’ hair and scalp need, has earned her a reputation for being able to quickly restore badly damaged hair. Suzanne blends vitamins, minerals, essential oils, plant extracts, and other nutrients from her in-studio apothecary to create custom conditioning solutions for her clients. Ingredients such as gold, copper, herbal extracts and organic coconut oil completely restructure the hair. The difference is night-and-day and results last 2 to 3 months. Per treatment: $125

Haircut, blow & style

Suzanne’s precision haircuts and attention to detail make her cuts last longer, so you don’t need to come by as often. She can take you from long to pixie, add layers and dimension, create a new style or fix a bad cut. Suzanne works with both straight and curly hair for men and women. Men $ Women $125

Style & blow

Whether it’s an important event or a hot day, Suzanne can help you get ready. Treat yourself $